Top Five Must-Have Thanksgiving Side Dishes


     Thanksgiving rolls around every year towards the end of November with the promise of a much-needed break from the monotony of the school week. When you think of this wonderful holiday, what first comes to mind? Turkey? All there is to be thankful for? Football? A delicious meal with family or friends on a chilly fall day? But let’s not forget one very important part of Thanksgiving in the daydreams of Thanksgiving lovers: the side dishes. Who eats that much of the turkey anyway?  Bella Maize, a freshman at Dover High School explains, “I would say that with a side dish there are the best foods. They are the ones that are simple and so good that no one can resist. I feel that they make up the whole dish and if you don’t have a side for Thanksgiving, then you are not having Thanksgiving.” Side dishes are what make the food aspect of Thanksgiving a meal to look forward to.


#1 Mashed Potatoes 

     Mashed potatoes are easily one of the most popular side dishes at Thanksgiving dinner. It’s one of those staple sides that the meal wouldn’t be complete without. Mashed potatoes are creamy, fluffy, and the perfect vessel for holding gravy. They are best when they have plenty of butter and salt (sounds healthy right?). This spudtacular dish has definitely earned the top spot on my list.


#2 Stuffing 


     Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, you have probably seen this side either stuffed in a turkey or a ceramic serving dish somewhere on the Thanksgiving table. One great thing about the versatility of stuffing is that there are hundreds of recipes to try while still having the same wonderful dish. Add some apples or cranberries to give it a sweet twist from the traditional recipe. You’ll have plenty of thyme to do so! This allows for some creativity when making the dish so you can try something new but still have your beloved stuffing with your turkey. The only problem is I always eat too much of it and feel stuffed afterward.


#3 Dinner Rolls 


     Dinner rolls of any kind are always a must-have at any Thanksgiving celebration. Whether they’re homemade or store-bought, any roll is good in my book. They’re perfect for scooping up all of the gravy left on your plate. Dinner rolls are pretty much the sponges of the bread world. You may be a little skeptical of this statement, but don’t worry, you can crust me. 



#4 Corn


     You can always count on corn to be on the list for a Thanksgiving menu. It’s even used as a decoration! I find that a little corny, don’t you? Corn on the cob, creamed corn, cornbread… the list goes on and on. It’s a-maize-ing how many different corn dishes you can make! All puns aside, corn is a dish that most people like, even little kids. So when your little cousins won’t eat anything that is put on their plate at Thanksgiving dinner, just give them some corn!


#5 Sweet Potato Casserole 


     You most likely have seen this dish with a fluffy top of bubbly marshmallows covering a layer of golden yams. Personally, I like my sweet potato casserole with candied pecans and brown sugary goodness on top. Some people may see this as a dessert, but it can really go both ways. I yam always looking forward to when we have sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving dinner. It is just really good comfort food. 


#5½ Gravy


     All aboard! The gravy boat has arrived! Gravy may not technically be a side dish, but it deserves an honorable mention at the table. You can put gravy on practically every part of your meal. Gravy goodness is best in a mashed potato “bowl” or as a turkey topping. Gravy is the best “side to a side” you will have.


     These dishes (as well as many others) continually fight for the title of “Number One Side Dish” for Thanksgiving feasts across the country. Everyone has differing opinions as to which one takes the cake, but each side has its own special place at the Thanksgiving table. So, this Thanksgiving, enjoy your favorite sides as you sit around the table with friends and family enjoying this special holiday.