When Should Christmas Decorations Go Up?


Lauren Grafe and Kami Huff

After Halloween is over, many people move into the mindset of Christmas while others want to enjoy Thanksgiving before thinking about Christmas. Normally the people that go straight into Christmas are the ones decorating right after October, listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, baking Christmas cookies, and, the big one, Christmas shopping. On the flip side, those who believe in waiting to put the Christmas tree up until after all the turkey has been eaten may want to wait until exactly Black Friday to shop for any gifts, and a lot of the time will wait until the calendar strikes December first to turn the radios to holiday melodies. The reasons behind each point of view differ, but many individuals may relate to each.

After the Halloween season is over, many people transition to Christmas. Yes, there is still Thanksgiving before, but there is only really a need to celebrate Thanksgiving for that day only. There is no need to start celebrating Thanksgiving throughout November. Instead, it is a good idea to start decorating because then when one is having family over for Thanksgiving, they can celebrate with the pretty lights and decorations. It adds to the holiday cheer, and then the house would be decorated. Thanksgiving decorations are sparse anyways.. 

Many people get most excited about listening to Christmas music again. Many musical artists have started to write catchy Christmas songs that they get excited about because they sometimes release new songs during Christmas times. As it gets closer to Christmas time, many kids and families start Christmas caroling, as well as watching their favorite Christmas movies. On top of all of that, while watching the holiday movies, put a batch of cookies in the oven.

Most importantly, many stores sell out very quickly as it gets close to the holidays. People need to get on their shopping lists early, so they can get all the items and clothes they desire before they get picked over. Everyone does all of their shopping during Black Friday and right after Thanksgiving, but if you get a head start there is a good chance all of your shopping will be done before the stores get crazy busy.

On the flip side, many people have thoughts of wanting to maintain Thanksgiving as its own holiday and wait for the Christmas season to truly start. Some reasoning behind this can include having the full intention of truly celebrating what Thanksgiving stands for and not just going through the motions. Additionally, they may feel that the holiday and season of Christmas will feel more genuine when it is not thrown into the mix with another holiday. After all, each holiday does stand for two very different things.

As most people know, Thanksgiving celebrates the first harvest shared between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. However, not all Americans may deeply analyze how to relate this to present-day Thanksgiving. The amount of joy that the Pilgrims and Native Americans had over a fruitful harvest should make people double-take at all the things we take for granted. Nowadays, people are quick to protest anything and everything while during the very first Thanksgiving, those people were over the moon over an abundance of food.

So what does this have to do with Christmas decorating? Thanksgiving is a holiday designed to celebrate all of the things Americans have to be thankful for. Therefore, many may argue that when the shelves are filled with Christmas items and Santa Claus is already on the TV screens in mid-November, this contradicts the exact concept of what Thanksgiving stands for. Americans subconsciously take for granted the fact that our country allows us to freely celebrate two completely different, yet both very important holidays. 

Christmas and Thanksgiving were designed to be two different holidays, so many individuals have a valid argument to not want to group the two together. Thanksgiving is all about thankfulness, as its name suggests, and therefore some people would argue that Americans should literally be thankful for the holiday itself. A lot of people want the turkey first before any thoughts of Old Saint Nick.

In conclusion, different Americans have very different and controversial opinions in regards to when the proper time to decorate for Christmas and get into the December holiday season. Some people argue that Christmas decorations should go up before Thanksgiving because it makes the house look homey and when having people over for Thanksgiving the house should look nice. The decorations would add a special touch and why wait to start baking, shopping, and watching movies when easily someone can start that at the start of November. The decorations are also able to be up longer to enjoy them after having so much work of putting them up. Others argue that decorating should be put on hold until after Turkey Day because Thanksgiving should be represented as an extremely important holiday itself. Many think that people should show thankfulness for the opportunity to celebrate the holiday itself and not limit the joy and celebration of Thanksgiving or Christmas. The point is, whenever and however you choose to decorate, Thanksgiving and Christmas are both very happy holidays for Americans and should both be celebrated and appreciated generously.