Romeo and Turkiet


William Peveto, Staff Writer

In Oak Hills, Alabama, two farmlands, both alike in dignity, inhabit the creation of a Thanksgiving story. A deep bond between the wisdom of two enemies, yet a crevice remains between kin, forging a scorching rivalry hotter than the embers of the sun—two unrequited lovers yearning for their chance to reunite. Though the flames within their hearts kindle without say, the gap between families proves far too great—the remains of this story end in a beautiful misery. 

Romeo, a young turkey, was raised on the soil of Hilgreds farm. Hilgred was a farmer who was kind-hearted and had no patience for her neighbor Bill. Bill was far more temperamental than his counterpart; he was quickly drawn to anger. However, Turkiet, his prized possession, never provoked his temper. He adored the turkey with his entire being. Turkiet was fair-toned, light feathered, and proper. Romeo grew affection towards this petit creature and began to develop romantic feelings. 

As Romeo was scavenging for dinner, he detected the radiating beauty of Turkiet across the fence dividing the two farms from uniting. Romeo stole a glance to find her peaking back. The two locked eyes for what seemed like a lifetime. Romeo gobbled as he struggled to exchange words. Turkiet, startled by his unexpected response, scurried away in a dash. Romeo’s heart thumped to the pattern of rain; he had never experienced such ecstasy. 

Later that night, Turkiet returned to the comfort of her owner’s barn to enlighten him of her stimulating evening. Turkiet waddled towards the warm embrace of Bill’s arms. Bill welcomed her back wholeheartedly and asked where she had been all afternoon. Bill glared at Turkiet and noticed a bright gleam shined bright like stars in her eyes. Bill flinched back in realization that Turkiet had been around the border of Hilgred’s farm all afternoon. Bill snapped and told her to never go near the fence again; he called Hilgred an untruthful witch who would curse anyone who makes contact with her. Turkiet lied down that night, peering at the stars, wondering if that handsome young turkey had been cursed.

Early the following day, at the crack of dawn, Romeo was woken by the gentle showers of Hilgred’s bright yellow watering can. She comforted him with a toothless smile. Romeo’s encounter with the dainty young turkey piqued his curiosity. After breakfast, Romeo made his way towards the border of the fence in the chance to see the other turkey. Romeo made his way to the point of contact and looked around in hopes of getting to see her. To his surprise, she was on the other side of the fence, mirroring his position. Turkiet spoke softly and wondered if Hilgred, the witch, had cursed him. Confused, Romeo announced that no such thing was real. Turkiet was relieved to hear that. 

Every day after, the two turkeys made contact with each other at the same spot. They began to develop a spark, a seedling of love for one another. On November 25, they had met at the location once more. The idea of crossing the fence had come across conversations many times; however, Romeo insisted that she meet Hilgred. Thrilled by the concept, Turkiet rushed home to ask Bill. In a rage, Bill stormed across the fence to Hilgreds farm to confront her about the eventful evening the turkeys had had. Hilgred shot back at Bill and forced him to return home. Disappointed in Romeo, Hilgred made her way into her house without a word.

 Later that night, screaming and yelling could be heard from Bill across the fence. Worried for Turkiets safety, Romeo makes his way across into Bill’s farm. He infiltrated the house where he heard the screaming. On his way into the house, he spotted something in the kitchen wrapped in tinfoil. He unwrapped the foil to uncover what was inside. Romeo’s heart sank deeper than any boat in a bottomless sea. He had discovered the remains of Turkiet’s body. Tears began to stream down Romeo’s face but were seized by an unfamiliar face. An older man with a similar appearance to Bill stepped into the kitchen. He yelled at Romeo, telling him to get away from their dinner. Romeo was dumbfounded; his disgust and hatred began to grow. In desperation, Romeo demanded that they eat him instead. 

Hilgred was in her home blindly glaring over the television screen. She had felt bad for how she treated Romeo. She wanted to make things right by comforting him. On her way out the door to find Romeo, Bill knocked on her door. Angered with him, she jerked her head away from his view. Bill was silent. Hilgred turned towards him to view a sad expression on his face. “Romeo… is dead,” he said with regret. Hilgred had no word to express at that moment. Romeo had run into Bill’s father, a professional butcher passed on by Bill’s grandfather. Hilgred cried for the remainder of the night.

The day after, Turkiet woke from her sleep as she always had. She ate her breakfast and made her way through the garden to reach the fence. She remained for hours waiting for Romeo, but he never came. Finally, on the verge of heading back, Hilgred made her way to the fence. Hilgred told Turkiet the devastating news. Turkiet’s heart was shattered. 

Turkiet took her own life in hopes of reuniting herself with her beloved Romeo once more. A funeral was held for both turkeys that year and will always be remembered for their yearning for each other. Happy Thanksgiving!!!