What to Look Forward to with the Upcoming Dance Season


Lauren Grafe, Staff Writer

Each season brings a new team of girls together to perform at halftime during the varsity basketball season. There are 14 spots available every year, and tryouts occur over the summer. Makayla Royer, Laura Sexton, Peyton Schweitzer, Alex Thompson, and Bella Barr are our seniors for the 2021 season. They all are returning from past seasons and are very talented. The returning underclassmen this year include Ava Adams, Damaris Avery, Emily Woodworth, Kiley McInosh, and myself, Lauren Grafe. Our new members this season are Elaina Samsa, Caylee Hockenberry, Zoe DeVecka, and Sydney Hilton. Our coach is Nikki Filippi.
This is a special season for the Dover Dance Force because we were not able to have a normal season last year. Because of the limitation in the crowd, it can be difficult to have much energy when dancing. Many of our family members were also not able to attend because of the unfortunate circumstances. Returning Dance Force member, Bella Barr, says, “This season I am most looking forward to the audience that was unable to be present last year. It makes the dance experience complete.” Last year ended up being a blast, and our team made friendships that would last a lifetime.
Our dance season started the second week of November. Yes, we had many girls that were still involved in their fall sport, so we all made it work and worked hard until our fall sports were officially done. Many people don’t see how much effort we put into our dances and the countless hours, practices, and time we take outside of dance class to get our routines down. It is all worth it when we get to do what we love on Friday nights.
The 2021-2022 team first made their appearance during the bonfire for Dover/Phila and the pep rally for our school. We performed a dance we learned and contributed to choreographing during the dance camp that we all attended this summer. Our first performances during the basketball games are Christmas themed. We also will be holding a mini dance clinic the week of the first home basketball game. Last year, we were not able to have our dance clinic which is where kids in grade K-5 get to perform with us at half time. 72 girls are participating this year, and it gives them a good look at what our dance practices look like.
Overall, this will be an exciting year for the dance team and all other winter sports that weren’t able to have a normal year last year. There will be so many opportunities to come support your Dover Dance Force, so see you at halftime! 🙂