Christmas Music Tierlist

Christmas Music Tierlist

Sofia Bierhorst, Staff Writer

Christmas music is one of many great things about the Christmas season. Now, I’m not a huge fan of most Christmas music (COUGH COUGH MICHAEL BUBLÉ), and I feel like I might have some hot takes, so I’ve decided to make a tier list.

Crazy Frog Tier

“Last Christmas” – Crazy Frog: This song is a classic. And this version is better than the original because CRAZY FROG!! Emma Wells said, “10/10 best song I’ve ever heard! This will play at my funeral!”

“I Am the Grinch” and “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” from the 2018 Movie: I unironically love it! It’s genuinely great stuff. My friend Jay said, “One time the Grinch came to my house and stole my dog and he said, ‘Have a merry STINKMAS!’ and he ran outside of my house, and then the police chased him down and peacefully detained him. Then I went to one of the things where the people are lined up, and I identified the Grinch because he has green skin. Oh yeah, the songs are pretty good too.”

“All I Want for Christmas is You” – My Chemical Romance: Another cover, I like it better than the original because I prefer how MCR performs it to Mariah Carey. It’s in Crazy Frog tier because this one is one of the funny ones, at least to me. Zivvy said, “My Chemical Romance? I love that, but they should stick to the emos. NO MORE CHRISTMAS COVERS PLEASE. STICK TO THE EMOS.”

“Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”: I put this one here because it’s the classic funny Christmas song. My dear friend Zivvy said “100% it’s a 100/10, I loved it when it was in that one movie.”


“Let it Snow”: A classic! I like the sound of this one a lot, and the vocals are good. Jay said, “Wait, where am I? What did you do with my family and my dog?” (He was joking!)

“Winter Wonderland”: This one is nostalgic to me because it used to be my favorite as a kid, big fan. Emma said, “This is not realistic. There is no such thing as a Winter Wonderland, it is only misery, pain, and COLD.” Zivvy said, “Winter Wonderland is what my dreams are.” Jay said, “Where am I? I still don’t know where I am! Let me out!” (JAY IS DOING A BIT. I DID NOT KIDNAP HIM.)

“Last Christmas” – Wham!: It sounds good to me. It’s a classic song, and although not as good as the Crazy Frog edition, it is an amazing song. Emma said, “Last Christmas by Wham! could never amount to the Crazy Frog rendition, but it is a Christmas classic, and I appreciate it dearly.”


I don’t have anything to say for these to be honest, that’s why they’re in the decent tier. Emma does though. “I am currently rocking around the Christmas tree, this is a deeply relatable song. It really resonates with me because, as I previously stated, I am rocking around the Christmas tree. Every single day I wake up, I walk out to my Christmas tree, and I walk around it for at least 15 minutes with the iconic song ‘Rockin Around the Christmas Tree’ playing extremely loudly in only my right ear.”


“Santa Baby”: It’s a good song it just has some questionably sexual undertones. Zivvy said, “It is one of my most favorite Christmas songs. I listen to it every morning when Christmas arrives. It’s on repeat throughout the entire day, and when it comes to nightfall, I play it on reverse. THIS IS NOT A LIE.”


“All I Want for Christmas is You” – Mariah Carey: Not a hot take, really. It’s just not a great song. It is a classic though. Emma Wells said, “I am enraged, absolutely OUTRAGED. I have never been more repulsed by your opinion on THE, all caps, THE, Mariah Carey, because it is one of THE most important songs in history. Mariah Carey changed my life. I now know 20 languages (unrelated).”


Michael Bublé: If I hear him one more time I swear I’m going to rip off my own ears. “Oh you just hate popular things!” you may be thinking. Yes I do! I’m a proud Bublé hater, and it’s mainly because he’s so OVERRATED! I’m SICK and TIRED of hearing him. When asked about Michael Bublé, Emma Wells said, “He’s funny, silly, goofy, and zany, but NO. NO FUN ALLOWED. He’s in my house, and that’s why I hate him.”

So, yeah, there’s my hot takes. (and my friends’)