The Reindeer Chronicles

Taylor Rose

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Match Madness
September 27, 2022
Hallie Lint

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Match Madness
September 27, 2022

     ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the year, every creature was stirring, especially the reindeer. Not a soul was not working, preparing for the big day, frantically flying from place to place. While the many elves were sorting and stacking and boxing and packing presents headed for Santa’s sleigh, the reindeer gathered in the Peppermint Forest to prepare themselves for takeoff.

     “Attention all bucks!” Rudolf exclaimed,  “It is an annual Christmas Eve tradition for us reindeer to assemble in the Peppermint Forest to prepare for our yearly expedition across the globe. First order of business: A dip in the Peppermint Pools. As you all know very well, the Peppermint Pools give us our power of flight, allowing us to safely sail to every house on the map.” 

     The peppermint pools are a dozen or so natural hot springs in the center of the forest that miraculously do not melt any of the ice or snow in their climate. The existence of these majestic wonders was discovered by a lost reindeer (Blitzen’s great-great grandfather) who was oblivious to the true power of the Peppermint Pools. The reindeer later discovered that these hot springs give them the power of flight. Not long after, the power of the Peppermint pools was used as the best way to deliver Christmas presents to the children of the world.

     Once all the reindeer left the Peppermint pools filled with Christmas magic, they stopped for a quick snack of Peppermint bark. It was important that they fueled up, so they could move on and start to get ready for their flight. They all headed to the runway and got prepared for takeoff.

     Santa went around and put their straps on and got into the sleigh. They were going to finally start their journey. They made their way to the clearing and got ready to run. As they started to run, there seemed to be some miscommunication towards the two leading reindeer.


     “ I think we should start East then work our way West,” Donner decided.


     Blitzen contemplated this, and replied, “That works, it’ll make the route easier.”


      As they got towards the end of the runway they lifted up and started flying. Donner started turning towards the East while Blitzen went West. As they both pulled opposite ways the harness strap broke that held both of them together as one. All 8 reindeer made their way down onto the ground as safely as they could. Once they sorted out that everyone was ok, they focused on the bigger issue.


      “You went the wrong way, Blitz, that was West instead of East.” As always, Donner was one to state the obvious.


     Blitzen’s anger flared and he got defensive. “Everyone knows I get confused with directions; I still can’t even tell which way is left or right.”


     While Donner and Blitzen were fighting, Dancer was more focused on the real problem. “What are we supposed to do now? It’s not like we can just get another strap to hold us all together.”


     They all decided to stop and think. Luckily, Comet came up with a splendid idea. 

    “Bucks, listen up. If I can try to signal a light to fly over the workshop maybe Rudolf will see and come looking for us. He always comes prepared.


     The reindeer all agreed that was the best option to try to get some help. Comet then tried to use his powers and signal a light in the sky to fly over the workshop. After it was done, they had to play the waiting game. Unfortunately, they couldn’t wait too long, or else they would be behind schedule.


     Cupid reassured the reindeer that everything would be just fine, “ Since we didn’t make it too far, he should be able to find us pretty fast, at least I hope.


-15 reindeer minutes later-


     The reindeer decided to save some of their energy for the journey and lay down when all of a sudden a bright red light appeared through the woods nearby. As the light got brighter, The reindeer could hear the sound of bells ringing.


      As Rudolf flies toward the other reindeer he exclaims, “I thought you all might need some assistance,” he greeted them.


     The reindeer all got up and started thanking him. As always, he came prepared and shook the extra harness off his antlers and gave them to Santa. As Santa finished tightening the straps, he decided to thank Rudolf for this help by letting him lead and ride on the trip.


     In no time at all, the new harness was securely attached to the sleigh and all nine of the reindeer. 


     “Before we leave, does everyone remember where East is,” Donner questioned, making sure everyone was on the same schedule this time.


     Blitzen immediately defended himself, “Oh come on! Don’t make fun of me. It was only a simple mistake.”


     Vixen muttered under his breath, “yeah one that cost us almost an hour of flight time.”


     Dasher -always the peacemaker- broke up the fight. “Alright, quit passing the buck. All that matters now is getting all of the presents delivered before morning.”


      “Alright then, let’s go!” Comet cried.


     In his best pilot impersonation, Rudolf declared, “This is your captain speaking. Please keep your antlers and hooves inside the sleigh at all times. Enjoy your flight!”


     They made up for the little incident in no time. They soared from house to house, East to West of course. After having gone to all the little kids’ houses to eat all the cookies and milk along with carrots for the reindeer, they stopped at the last house. Just as Santa was coming up from the chimney, the clock struck six, and they had finished. As they flew home, every reindeer was satisfied with the part they were able to play in the joy of the Christmas season, and they couldn’t wait until next year.