Just Like Football?

Eric Lanzer, Staff Writer

As everyone that goes to Dover knows, we had a very successful football season. Regional runner-ups, and we almost made it to state. We had an undefeated season until Chardon, and we looked like a very solid football program in Ohio. After the football season, we now have my favorite sport to spectate, basketball. After watching Dover absolutely dominate ISA and boost their record to 3-0, it looks like we have a chance to make a deep run into the D1 tournament. We look like a complete team this year with plenty of depth off the bench. Something I haven’t seen in many Dover teams in my high school career is depth off the bench. This year, we could play up to around 10 guys which is two full starting lineups. Dover can keep the starters fresh while some of the bench players get in their reps. Another aspect of the game Dover has added this year is consistent interior play in the post. Our big men can score anywhere on the floor, and it makes us almost impossible to guard on defense. We look virtually unstoppable. Dover can score anywhere on the floor this year. The three-point shooting from Dover looks the most consistent it has been in a long time. We have a complete offense and solid, athletic defense that makes it almost impossible to lose a game. 

Dover Varsity basketball looked very solid this week. However, the most impressive thing about the Dover basketball program is the talent at the JV and Freshman level. The JV and Freshman absolutely dominated in their games this week. It was impressive to see the upcoming talent. As I was sitting in the crowd watching the JV ISA team warm-up, I thought we were going to get crushed. They were big, strong, athletic. I’m pretty sure half of their JV could dunk. I was proved wrong very early on in the game. Defensively, Dover JV played an almost perfect game. They made ISA take difficult contested shots and absolutely wore them down. On offense, the three-ball came naturally for Dover, and they just outscored ISA. The freshman team played Akron Ellet this week and made a statement. After a rocky start to the season, they came out and dominated Akron Ellet. If the freshmen play like this every game, they will not lose again. Dover looks like a Regional Championship competitor this year, and I do not think they will stop until they win it all.