Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Good Friends

Hallie Lint

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October 21, 2022


     The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to show important people in your life that you care about them. Most people think of Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate love, but it also marks the importance of friendship in all of our lives. We all know the go-to gifts people give their Valentines: chocolate, flowers, and adorable teddy bears. However, does anyone ever think about giving gifts to their friends? If you have, then the question still stands: what do you get your friends for Valentine’s Day anyway? Look no further! The answer lies in the list of gift ideas I have compiled that may just give you the gift-choosing inspiration you need.


For the sports fanatic:


If your friends play a winter sport, go to one of their team games, make a big sign, and cheer them on! Or, if your friends prefer watching sports, take them to a high school game/meet and have fun cheering Dover on!


For the book lover:


Buy a book for your friend that is their favorite genre or by one of their favorite authors. (a sequel, prequel, or the next book in a series is a great option too).


For the gamer:


You can buy your friend a new video game or have a gaming tournament with your friend group.

Or, if your group of friends is more competitive with board games you can have a Monopoly, Clue, Risk, or Catan game night.


For the ones with a sweet tooth:


Make your friends some fresh-baked brownies, or supply them with a stash of homemade hot cocoa mix and mug cake mix.


For the shopper:


Give your friend a gift card for their favorite store or take them shopping at the mall.


For the movie lover or binge-watcher:


Give your friend a movie basket with popcorn, a blanket, and movie theater candy, or go see a movie with all of your friends at the movie theater.


For the coffee lover:


Buy your friend a new coffee mug and a gift card or T-shirt from their favorite coffee shop.