Romance Only?


Kami Huff, Staff Writer

For as long as I can remember, Valentine’s Day has always been a very special holiday. The holiday of Valentine’s Day has always been a pure token of hearts and candy and all things happy in terms of love. Even as kids, most people desired every February to hear the five words, “Will you be my valentine?” This question makes people feel so appreciated because the feeling of being loved or even liked by another person is enough to bring happiness for a long time.

Therefore, Valentine’s Day brings quite a deal of joy for many people. However, on the flip side, some people do not get as lucky, and when February comes, they may not be in a relationship nor are they someone else’s “valentine.” When it gets to this point, the holiday that was originally decided to bring feelings of happiness turns into a dark or even sad holiday. This is why it is truly important for everyone to understand what exactly the holiday of Valentine’s Day should celebrate and represent.

By most explanations, in modern times, Valentine’s Day is the holiday of romance, and that’s simply the reason to have the holiday. However, does this need to be the celebration reason for everyone? The universal symbol for Valentine’s Day in the shape of a heart. So, doesn’t a heart represent all types of love, not just romantic love? These thoughts spurred about the wonder of what the emotion of love actually is.

In my thoughts, the word love lives on a separate planet than any other word in the English dictionary. The act of loving someone means that a person would sacrifice anything and everything for that of another. Love can be a bond between anyone, not just the attraction between someone and their significant other. The love between a parent and child or between friends is just as important as the love between couples. Therefore, when we celebrate Valentine’s Day, why aren’t all forms of love highlighted?

Many times, when the fourteenth of February comes, single people have to watch in pain as people around them exchange gifts for their significant others. This can bring several negative emotions because they can not partake in getting to open a present of their own. Then, this particular person could express their feelings to someone else, and before long, the day that was supposed to bring absolute contentment suddenly turns dark. All of this could simply be solved if everyone had a reason to feel special on Valentine’s Day.

So, how can we change the way Valentine’s is perceived by everyone? First, we all must recognize what kinds of love we all have in our lives. Maybe you have a significant other and feel love for them, but what else? Perhaps you have a love for your parents, your siblings, your friends, or even for a cousin that you haven’t seen in a while. Once we all can figure out that part, from there, it’s simple. We turn the holiday that is oftentimes limited to just people in romantic relationships and create a way to make all people around us feel as though they have a reason to feel loved on Valentine’s Day.

The ways of making everyone have a great Valentine’s Day don’t have to be a difficult task. For example, maybe one could show a close friend that they care about them by buying them a pack of their favorite gum or even helping them with their homework. Even smiling at random people could allow us all to spread some much-needed love throughout Dover High School hallways.

A valentine does not have to be romantic, and it is time that the country changes this. There are little things we can all do for another on Valentine’s Day. Sure, having a significant other is great, but even if you do not, Valentine’s Day can and should still be special.

This Valentine’s Day, we should all think about the meaning of love and the significance it has on our lives and those around us. The holiday was designed to celebrate love, so allow it to celebrate all forms. It is time that everyone feels loved, valued, and absolutely incredible on a day that was designed to be filled with hearts and smiles. Romance is a great feeling, but the feeling of love is a hundred times more powerful.