Which Streaming Service Is Best For You?

Let’s Find Out


Some may call it the end of an era. After quite the valiant effort, it would seem as if the cable industry has fallen to its last leg. In reality, it never stood much of a chance. As the internet continues to grow more accessible seemingly by the day, a dynamic shift in the way we consume televised media was all but inevitable. Why spend $60 a month to access a limited selection of content viewable only from the confinements of your living room when you could pay 1/6th of that to watch almost whatever you want from the comfort of, well, just about anywhere. It’s not rocket science. Streaming is just that much more appealing to the average consumer. However, in recent years it would seem as if the streaming industry has become somewhat bloated. Not surprising. Everyone wants a piece of that profit pie. And for someone with specific tastes such as myself, it can be difficult deciding which service best suits my preferences. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the biggest players on the market and find out which is the best fit for you.

Netflix – To be honest I don’t really know why I’m even listing this one. Everyone has Netflix. And if you don’t- well I don’t even feel like finishing such a pointless sentence. Netflix is the grandpappy of streaming. While originally an online rental service for DVDs, the company entered/popularized the streaming service in 2007. Nowadays, Netflix is home to a variety of original movies and TV shows, ranging from just about any genre or topic imaginable. Like seriously, say the first thing that comes to your head, there’s probably a Netflix original about it. Recently, the company seems to be leaning hard on their stand-up comedy selection. So if you’re into comedy, well, go nuts. I doubt you’ll ever run out of stuff to watch.

Hulu- Hulu’s a weird one to discuss. Do I think Hulu is good? Absolutely. I’m a huge fan of animated TV series, and Hulu has that stuff in spades. Honestly, for TV shows in general, Hulu has a fantastic selection. Unlike Netflix, Hulu seems to consistently receive the newest episodes at most a week after their original airing. That is huge. Not having to wait 3 months or more to watch the newest episode of my favorite show is incredible. However, there is a lame side to Hulu. Their movie selection is… not great. I mean sure there’s some stuff there, but if you’re thinking about subscribing to Hulu, don’t go in expecting to get the same variety of movies you’ll get on Netflix. Also ads. Hulu has ads if you purchase the cheapest subscription. That’s kinda lame too ,I guess. But the shows, man. The shows. There are so many good shows on Hulu. If you like to binge, give Hulu a shot.

Disney + – I have a weird relationship with Disney +. On one hand, it’s home to some of the biggest film franchises of all time. I don’t need to tell you that Disney and Pixar movies set the bar for animated productions. Everyone knows that. I don’t need to tell you that Marvel has consistently produced the biggest blockbuster hits of the last decade. Everyone knows that. I don’t need to tell you what Star Wars is. Disney + is home to the 3 biggest players in televised media right now. But that’s the problem. That’s all they have. If you’re not into super heroes, if you don’t like sci-fi, if you’re not a fan of Disney animation… well, I don’t really know what to tell ya. Yes, everything on there is the highest quality. There is just not enough there for my personal tastes. And let me reiterate, FOR MY PERSONAL TASTES. If you’re into any of that stuff, by all means give Disney + a go. You’ll probably love it. There’s even an option that gets you Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN + for $12.99. That is a fantastic deal. These are all good services, so don’t be afraid to experiment. By any means, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney + have free trials anyway. So why are you even reading this, go try them out for yourself and see what works for you. Now excuse me, I have to go rewatch all 280 episodes Adventure Time for the 6th time because I have an obsession. Ciao.