The Addams Family



I took one for the team and went to see The Addams Family. I expected the worst – crying children, fast-moving nonsensical antics to make up for the lack of plot – the usual modern children’s movie. While there certainly were fast-moving nonsensical antics, they didn’t exist to fill the void left by a lack of plot. Even though this movie, in my opinion, did not meet the spooky standards set by previous The Addams Family movie adaptations, it was pretty decent for a children’s movie. There is only so much that can be done with the Addams in a PG movie, after all.

I really liked the animation style. For the movie, the animators closely followed the style of the original The Addams Family comic strip published in Saturday morning newspapers. The cartoonish appearance of the characters adds to the childish element of the film while also making a reference to the source material for the older audience. There were a few subtle references and jokes for older audiences as well, making the viewing experience more enjoyable for the parents taking their children to the theater.

The main theme of the film was acceptance of differences, and that’s a good lesson to teach in the times we’re in now. Most children’s movies have no plot, apparently assuming that children cannot comprehend more complex material. This movie isn’t complex in its lessons or themes, but the theme it carries is an important one. At no point in time in the movie was I confused about where the movie was going.

The flaws in the film exist only because it is a children’s movie. I watched the movie from the perspective of a seventeen-year-old high school student with nothing better to do, so yes, I’m going to find parts of the movie corny or dull. Through the eyes of a child, though, I’m sure the movie was stellar. I find that the movie didn’t do justice to the eerie nature of the Addams, but again, this film is meant for children, so there is only so much the writers can do.

Overall, I felt the film was pretty good. It serves as a good introduction to the Addams family for younger audiences, and there was a plot and a theme that could be easily followed. For adults and older audiences, the movie can be dull at times, but in general, it wasn’t a torturous experience.